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Do You Know Your Speed? Test Yourself.

Speed Building Library & Learning Management System (SBL/LMS)

Ideal for licensed court reporters going for the next license or competition and students striving to graduate and pass their national and state tests.

This system develops your speed with timed dictations from 60 – 300 WPM of Q & A, Jury Charge and Literary. It also grades your realtime or edited speed takes, so you can witness your progress as you increase your speed.

Test yourself on past NCRA exams.

Upload your own dictations and choose to share with others if you wish.

Challenge your peers to a healthy speed building competition to help keep you, as well as your peers, on track and motivated while improving your speed.

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Speed Building with Grading (LMS) and Write Live+
Increase your speed

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Court Reporters - Freelance Reporters - CART and Broadcast Captioners - Students of Stenography - CLVS - Scopists/Proofreaders

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